highlights from our women + Media career summit

Our Second Annual Women + Media Career Summit was a huge success! Joanna Coles and Kathleen Finch gave such inspirational keynotes that we definitely recommend you go to our Facebook and watch the live video we streamed that day. We also heard from Daphne Kwon, COO, betaworks; Nomi Ernst Leidner, SVP, Development, Viceland; Vanessa Pappas, Global Head, Creative Insights, YouTube; and Maggie Pisacane, Partner, WME who gave great advice on entering the work force in your first job and how to navigate your career successfully.

The networking and break out sessions were superb. The Center was excited to meet such a huge variety of students from a plethora of colleges and universities around the city and even as far away as Washington D.C. We're already looking forward to next year.

The day-to-day in a production company

Michael Hirschorn, President & CEO of Ish Entertainment describes his daily routine as a complete rollercoaster ride and not for the faint of heart. On average, he deals with about 20-30 projects each day. He’s working with various brands, pitching projects to different companies daily, and working on various projects currently in production. He can face rejection at any given moment and sometimes worries about making payroll. Bottom line? That’s the life of a CEO of a small creative company. Managing can be rough, but if you persevere you’re likely to succeed!


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becoming a video content creator

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a creative role as a video content producer? Lucie Fink, Video Producer and Lifestyle Host at Refinery29 says that her daily role is never the same. One day she could be filming at different locations throughout NYC; other days she’s at her desk plugging away at emails trying to plan upcoming shoots or working with the development team to pitch or create new content. In short, her day is always different and constantly changing. Watch more videos




how to differentiate yourself

Do you have an original thought about the myriad topics going on around the world? Can you talk about kneeling in the NFL and quickly shift to your thoughts on North Korea? That is a skill that has nothing to do with digital changes or technology — knowing how to create content won't change. Do you have ideas? Can you express those ideas?

Ramon Escobar, VP, Talent Recruitment & Development at CNN, interviews thousands of candidates each year. The number one thing he looks for is critical thinking skills.

comedy writing for tv

Comedian and Writer, Mary Houlihan, thought that writing for TV meant you needed to have an Ivy League education and degree in TV writing. Wait, what? Mary quickly realized that if you continuously put yourself out there you can create your own success. Watch more videos