highlights from our diversity + Media summit

Check out some of the amazing highlights from our First Annual Diversity + Media Career Summit, in partnership with NYU Wasserman. See the highlights

My So-Called Media: How the Publishing Industry Sells Out Young Women

Rookie is the latest publication for young women to shut down. How do you survive a system set up for you to fail?


For Some Reporters, Divide & Conquer Brings Back Bad Memories

Divide and Conquer shows the de-evolution of Ailes from the Mad Men-handsome producer to the doddering ogre he’d become at Fox. 


leveraging your social content

Tiffany Bender, Senior Producer at Condé Nast Entertainment discusses the ways to think outside of just being on social platforms, but leveraging your social content into opportunities to work with large companies.

building your portfolio

Estelle Caswell, Producer for Earworm /Director of K-Pop, Explained, advises students not to "dump everything they've ever done" in your portfolio. Create a very curated vision that is customized each job.

your network will open doors

What is the best advice for people who didn't have internships and are looking to transition into the media landscape? Hear what Antoinette Miller, Manager, University Relations and Recruitment at HBO advises.

what is the center for communication

The Center for Communication is a community of the next generation of media professionals. We connect university students with leading media professionals to learn about the latest in the ever-evolving media industry.