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The Beat Of The Drumpf Is Only So Loud

Originally posted at MediaPost

By J. Max Robins 

Last time I checked, almost 14 million people had watched on YouTube the stunning takedown of Donald Trump from Sunday’s edition of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.” That’s easily more than 20 times the number that watched Oliver’s brilliant show in its regular Sunday HBO time slot.

The show’s lacerating 22-minute report—which featured, among other bits of brilliance, Oliver comparing the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination to a likely cancerous “back mole” that America needed to excise before the whole country goes down the drain—has already been seen by more than three times the audience that usually catches up with Oliver on YouTube and other digital platforms on a weekly basis.

Up until last Sunday, Oliver has eschewed taking aim at The Donald, resisting the Trump ratings crack that has had cable news on the glass pipe for months—and that has made the candidate, especially after Super Tuesday, the odds-on favorite for the Republican nomination.

Clearly, Trump is a master media virtuoso, who has played the 24/7, bottom-line-driven, multichannel, multiplatform universe to stunning political advantage. With the GOP nomination within his tiny-fingered (Oliver’s words) grasp even before Super Tuesday, the HBO host obviously had had all he could stand. So, in a frighteningly funny manner, he presented a devastating investigative report, noting Trump’s bankruptcies, diuretic untruthiness, anti-immigrant rants and dog-whistle signals to David Duke and other racists that he felt their discriminatory pain.

Noting that Trump could be truly funny and entertaining in his takedowns of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others who would cross him, Oliver deftly used humor to fight humor.