Our Founder


Dr. Frank Stanton was an American broadcasting executive who served as the president of CBS between 1946 and 1971 and then as vice chairman until 1973. Stanton was revered both as a spokesman for the broadcast industry before Congress, for organizing the first televised presidential debate in American history, and for his passionate support of broadcast journalism and journalists.

When Dr. Frank Stanton founded the Center for Communication in 1980, the mission was to bridge the gap between the media industry and academia. Dr. Stanton, a staunch proponent of the highest standards in journalism and a fierce defender of the First Amendment, was keenly aware that a media revolution was on the horizon. He envisioned a forum where pressing industry issues could be explored and even solved. That will always remain our mission and goal.

The Center presents a Frank Stanton Award for Excellence in Communication annually to "individuals who exemplify achievement and excellence in any genre of mass communication." This year we’re honoring Rita Ferro, President, Advertising Sales, Walt Disney Company.