onedia white-joseph


cooper leibner fellow: fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Attends: metropolitan college of new york
Graduates: 2019

Onedia White-Joseph is a Brooklyn-bred writer, blogger, and travel enthusiast. She majored in Marketing for undergrad and is pursuing her MBA in Media Management. She has long had dreams of becoming a media personality and philanthropist. With the same initials as Oprah Winfrey, she’s always felt that the writing was on the television screen. She enjoys politics and the effects it has on popular culture. She aims to build a platform to elevate women in pursuit of their dreams. She wants young women to hone in on their God given talents early, so they can reach their goals sooner in this journey called life. Her writing can be seen in publication outlets such as For Harriet and her personal blog, NowThassaWord. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and dining out at the array of places that NYC has to offer!