student reporter
on-air opportunity

Are you an experienced or aspiring reporter with a social conscience who wants to be part of a new monthly series? The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies are launching a new show on CUNY TV and are seeking on-air reporters! Read more

spotify’s program for women of color podcasters

Applications for Spotify’s Sound Up Podcast Program are now open. The program is set to help ten aspiring women podcasters of color get access to resources and training. Apply now

conquering the interview

According to the Wall Street Journal, public speaking is the number one fear among Americans. Fear of public speaking is the epitome of anxiety and stress for many people, but it’s harder to avoid public speaking in the way that you can avoid heights.

As you enter the professional world, this means interviewing for jobs and internships, which are small-scale versions of public speaking. An interview, like speaking to larger crowds, is a stressor for many people. You can’t avoid interviews, and unless you prepare and practice, it isn’t a skill you can pick up overnight or from a book. This skill is learned by doing. Read more


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deadline extended for cooper leibner fellowship

The Fellow, a New York area female college junior, senior, or graduate student, will receive a generous stipend up to $5000 while interning at the Center for Communication during the course of the school year. Learn more

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highlights: women + media career summit

Our 3rd Annual Women + Media Career Summit was empowering, motivating, and inspiring for all who attended. This year's theme was, Take Charge of Your Future, and it was evident throughout the day. See more highlights

A targeted approach

Matthew Duckor, Executive Producer, Condé Nast Entertainment, says not to spring your résumé on everyone in your field of interest, but to really target your specific passion and where your interests lie so that you have an actual opinion.

transferable skills

Susanna Pollack, President, Games for Change, says that it’s important to recognize that many of your skills are transferable, particularly in the areas of critical thinking and problem-solving. It’s important to know how to articulate about the classes you’ve taken, regardless of your major, and how these skills will make you successful in the job.

what is center for communication?

The Center for Communication is a community of the next generation of media professionals. We connect university students with leading media professionals to learn about the latest in the ever-evolving media industry.