Photo Credit: Cliff Owen/AP

Photo Credit: Cliff Owen/AP

Justice Palin?! Judge For Yourself 

Originally posted at MediaPost

By J. Max Robins 

To beef up her credentials for her inevitable appointment to the Supreme Court by President Donald J. Trump, Sarah Palin announced she was developing a “Judge Judy”-style reality show. Palin inked the deal in February, not long after she became one of the first prominent Republicans to endorse The Donald’s whirlwind White House run.

Unfortunately, the ex-governor of Alaska’s show is not expected to launch until 2017, which means she won’t have any vital televised jurisprudence experience under her judicial robes in time for Trump to appoint her in his first 90 days to fill the Supreme’s seat vacated by the late Antonin Scalia. Actuarial charts tell me that Trump is likely to have the opportunity to nominate Palin to the highest court in the land during the last year of his first term. By then Palin should have two seasons’ tenure on the daytime syndicated court circuit.

Of course, I am assuming a lot here—including the nagging vicissitudes of TV ratings and annoying unpredictability of Supreme Court Justice deaths. But in a campaign year, where a reality TV star and real estate mogul has a virtual lock on the GOP nomination and is expected to give the Democrat’s likely nominee Hillary Clinton a tough fight in the fall, is Sarah Palin on the high court such an outlandish scenario? You already know the answer.