fall programs preview

Misha Vaid

Center for Communication events put aspiring media professionals in the room with the very people they need to meet—the ones doing the work to lead the industry forward and bring fresh talent into the mix. Along with our popular On Location site visits, this fall will feature programs on licensing, book publishing, advertising & marketing, and more. View calendar

Join me as I—the Center’s Intern—break down the Fall Calendar and walk you through all the things you should be excited about.

new beginnings

As the Fall semester begins, you may or may not be experiencing a post-summer slump. I don’t know about y’all but I always find it harder to get into my groove during the Fall Semester. Something about a three-month vacation really screams “lack of motivation” for me. But as the temperature starts dropping, it is essential for all of us to raise our productivity and plan for the semester ahead. This means not only preparing for academic success but also setting career goals. It does not necessarily have to be “landing a job” but I’ve realized having more realistic goals such as “explore xyz industry that I’m interested in” also helps. 

Moreover, it’s never too early to start exploring. You might think you’re completely inexperienced or unprepared to interact with industry professionals but the best way to learn is by signing up for these events. The good thing about the Center’s events is that they provide a comfortable environment for students to interact with media professionals. I was mortified when I first asked a question during an event at the Center last spring but the moderator was not only forthcoming but he also helped me frame the question better so that the experts present could answer effectively. Sometimes, though, you might not have ANY knowledge about the industry being discussed. In these situations, simply listening will give you more exposure than any google search will. A theoretical framework is important for all industries but the Center’s mission to give students practical exposure is unparalleled.

With that being said, let’s dive into all the fun events you can attend this semester. As a student, you are eligible to attend all events but spots are limited so apply ASAP :)

  • All you budding filmmakers out there, attend our “MAKING DOCUMENTARIES THAT MATTER” event on the 25th of September. We have an insanely talented panel including the likes of Antonino D'Ambrosio (Let Fury Have The Hour), Blair Foster (Taxi to the Dark Side), Antonio Rossi (The Inventor) and Betsy West (Turning Point). The discussion will be moderated by the Executive Director of NY Women in Film and Television, Cynthia López. You can find more about the event here. Sign up for the event here.

  • As a budding journalist, I find nothing more exciting than exploring actual spaces where world-class reporting takes place. Now, you have an opportunity to visit Bustle’s New York office!! Bustle’s honest and entertaining reporting pulls me in every time. If you want to work for a publication like Bustle (or Bustle itself!!), this is an On-Location you absolutely don’t want to miss. Apply quick as only a few spots are left. You can find more about the event here. Sign up here.