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Videos: Television

Despite creator and writer, Joe Weisberg, admitting that he doesn't like giving or getting advice, he opened up about his creative process, their unconventional writer's room, and his time in the CIA.

Where do the big story ideas come form in TV development? Hear from some of the industry's top producers and decision-makers.

What goes on in the writer's room of your favorite TV shows? Hear from writers from hits like Boardwalk Empire, Royal Pains, and Blue Bloods.

Michael Rosenblum and Lisa Lambden offer great tips on how to create compelling video content as taught at their Travel Channel Academy, where they have trained thousands of video professionals.

What distinguishes a break-out show? Development visionaries swap war stories and share insights on what goes into creating must-see TV.

A candid conversation with David Duchovny, who discusses his acting days at Yale, X-Files, and the many paths his career has taken.

Josh Radnor, star of "How I Met Your Mother," discusses his own feature film projects and working with some of today's biggest stars.

An in-depth conversation with the talented and versatile Theresa Rebeck, best-known as an accomplished playwright and TV drama writer.

Shannon Fitzgerald, SVP, Series Development for MTV (East Coast) talks breaking into the industry.

Set in the Prohibition Era, no detail has been overlooked to recreate the 1920s Atlantic City of Boardwalk Empire. Hear from the creative team who captured the look and feel of this tumultuous time.

Animation as an art form has changed dramaticaly over the last 20 years with the advent of digital technology, and is now more prolific than ever. Hear from award-winning animators on the skills needed to break in.

"We have to work harder to get our work seen." Adrian Grenier discusses the importance of documentaries and new distribution models.

Max Robins talks to Bill Carter about what kinds of TV shows get made, and which ones never make it to the screen.

Women are coming on strong in cable television and making their mark. Join some of the most powerful players in the business to find out how they are leading the way in branded entertainment, and where they plan to take their networks in the years ahead.

The three month-old writers strike side-lined more than 12,000 writers who work in television and movies. What are the long-term effects of the sit-out? Our panel of industry pros takes a look at the television landscape, post-strike.

Hear from Michael Rosenblum and Lisa Lambden, some of the leading pioneers of video journalism, on the secrets to starting a successful production company.

Find out how talk show producers continue to reel in the most sought after celebrities, politicians, and newsworthy others. Learn what it takes to get your foot in the door in the talk show genre on both television and radio.

From pitch to pilot to a fully-executed series: learn about the delicate process behind creating a hit TV show.

Sports media is bigger than ever as new digital outlets emerge to compete with the wide and growing array of TV and radio networks. Our panel of sports media all-stars can help you create a game plan for winning the job you want.

Join these innovative programmers, producers and directors to explore why historical programs are more popular than ever – and learn what goes in to recreating the past.

Social media has turned the traditional one-way model of watching television into an interactive experience. Where is this trend taking television, and will it lead to new jobs in the industry?

Stand-up comedian, author, and actor Richard Belzer talks the 1970s comedy scene, his comic inspirations, and other highlights of his long career.

Today, we’re more likely to catch favorite shows on cell phones, iPods, and all manner of hand-held devices which are increasing the competition for eyeballs. How do publicists grab the attention of today’s focus-challenged viewers?

Late night TV writers have to be well-informed, politically savvy, and hip to pop culture. Learn what it takes to survive in the rarified and competitive world of late night comedy.

Directors and producers talk about what's is like filming in NYC and the advantages it can provide.

Casting agents walk us through the casting process and the various stages of casting for film, TV, and theatre.

Becoming a TV anchor is like becoming a news celebrity. Learn about the path to follow to becoming a successful TV anchor.

Calling all aspiring screenwriters! Hear from Richard Price on the secrets of getting started in the film industry.

Jim Louderback of Revision3 talks about the web video election and how online video production is evolving.

Tim Gunn describes working in the fashion industry and his typical working day.