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Videos: Job Tips

Starting your own thing can be stressful and induce many #fails. You have a choice for how you look at failure. Hear from entrepreneurs on how they deal with stress and managed failure.

"What's better than doing what you love? Nothing." Bring your passions through in your work to make a lasting impression on employers.

What makes a good cover letter? How are employers using keyword searches on your resume? How should you come into an interview? Hear from recruiters how to optimize your chances of making a strong impression.

Networking is one of the best ways to let people know who you are and what you do. Learn some tips from various industry leaders on how to network effectively.

What are your skills? Do you have a well defined skill set? Professionals from various industries talk about the importance of honing your skills in any industry.

How important is it to have an internship? And how do you get one? Hear from employers about their past internship experiences and why it is such a valuable asset today.