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Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States


Videos: CommandPR

New York City, home to media giants, is once again becoming a launching pad for hundreds of Internet start-ups, particularly in the field of social media. Learn how these go-getters turned their digital dreams into successful realities.

Social media has turned the traditional one-way model of watching television into an interactive experience. Where is this trend taking television, and will it lead to new jobs in the industry?

Today, we’re more likely to catch favorite shows on cell phones, iPods, and all manner of hand-held devices which are increasing the competition for eyeballs. How do publicists grab the attention of today’s focus-challenged viewers?

What goes into planning events? Hear from those working behind the velvet rope in the event industry about the hardships and payoffs, and catering to changing needs.

In an effort to create buzz, tech savvy publicists are constantly trying new marketing strategies and changing the way entertainment is promoted. Learn how they are breaking through the wall of noise to reach a younger demographic for film, music and theater.

HR managers and others provide insights on where the jobs are now, what you need to get noticed and strategies for landing a job in media and launching your career.

Accomplished PR mavens and authors of "Be Your Own Best Publicist" reveal secrets to developing a plan for success by integrating the skills and techniques that helped them get where they are today.

Discover how public relations pros are using new tools and techniques to break down barriers and get their messages to the people they want to reach.

Stanley Bing, author of over a dozen funny and entertaining books on the culture of business, discusses the secrets to landing a great job in media.

Social media has changed the way entertainment publicists attract attention and influence consumer choices. In order to work in this exciting field, you’ll have to hone your social media skills and bring your drive and passion.

Brands are always looking for new and compelling ways to attract and engage consumers, and the competition is relentless in today’s always-on, social media environment. Learn how content marketing (also known as owned media) has redefined how PR is conducted.

You have great people skills, thrive in a fast-faced atmosphere and are creative, persuasive and resourceful, a career in corporate communication could be for you. Learn how these major players got to where they are today.