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Videos: Advertising & Marketing

In this world where brands have voices, what does that mean for PR agencies and 'traditional media?'

Learn how social media has changed the advertising industry and the importance of social media knowledge when job searching.

Learn how to break into the ad business and the changing trends in ad agencies.

Hear about the changes in the advertising industry and where the future will take us.

Hear descriptions of various positions within the media research industry.

Online video presents new opportunities in advertising – hear about the emerging role of online video and branded entertainment.

How to incorporate reviews into ads to create effective theater publicity.

The sports industry spends billions of dollars a year on advertising and PR to influence consumers’ choices through endorsements, promotions, licensing, sponsorship and much more.

Today, we’re more likely to catch favorite shows on cell phones, iPods, and all manner of hand-held devices which are increasing the competition for eyeballs. How do publicists grab the attention of today’s focus-challenged viewers?

What are some basic tools that every business should have? How does social media influence the workplace? Learn about the business of social media, how it helps in marketing, and where it's going in the future.

What are the influences of quality design, and when do those influences go too far and reach appropriation? Learn about the history and hidden meanings of countless images from graphic design experts.

As more and more consumers turn to digital books, a growing variety of platforms are emerging, and with them, a wave of opportunities emerge. Find out how writers and publishers are embracing multimedia and repurposing content.

Digital visionaries explore how social communities, user-generated content, commercial- avoidance technologies and performance-based media are changing all the rules. Find out everything you need to know NOW to keep your competitive edge!

With a buying power that is huge and diverse, today the challenge is to create marketing strategies to appeal to our highly-segmented Latino population.

Marketing specialists talk about their paths to becoming successful professionals in music marketing.

Leaders of the publishing industry discuss what a bestseller is, how bestseller lists work, and what has the making of a successful book.

Social media has turned the traditional one-way model of watching television into an interactive experience. Where is this trend taking television, and will it lead to new jobs in the industry?

Is there a happy Hollywood ending in sight for the entertainment industry as it struggles to weather the worst slump in decades?