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'The New Yorker' Writes Print's Big Streaming Play

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

'The New Yorker' Writes Print's Big Streaming Play

Originally posted at MediaPost

by J. Max Robins

I could not begin to count the number of times over the years that smart, talented people have attempted to transform a print magazine into a TV franchise. Mostly, it’s been a recipe for failure, with exceptions such as one-off specials based on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, or Time’s “Person of the Year” franchise. Of course, there's the exception that proves the rule: National Geographic, which has its own network, as well as a long history of specials for PBS and others.
What has worked is a reverse jujitsu move, turning a TV franchise personality into a magazine, especially if it’s about lifestyle or sports. Can you say O the magazine or ESPN the magazine? Granted, those kinds of titles still make some bucks — but, as for much of print, the business ain’t what it once was for just about any magazine.

But this challenged print environment, coupled with an explosion in TV platforms, seems to have opened the door for at least one venerable title to evolve its editorial savvy and brand equity through a startling quality transition to video.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, take a look at the new video version of The New Yorker, dubbed “The New Yorker Presents,” which started streaming on Amazon Prime last week.

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