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195 Plymouth St
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States


Snapchat: Savannah Apple

Snapchat: savannah apple

Pace University, Communications, Film and Screen Studies  

Savannah Apple is a freshman honors student at Pace University. Moving to New York inspired her to start a blog since so many people from her home town are interested in what she's up to in this big city. Besides film, food is one of her passions, and she regularly posts about the places she's tried, new and old. Plus, with so many out of town visitors since moving here, she always has a running list fun things to do when friends and family are in town. 

What makes you passionate about your major? 

I love my major because I am not put in a box. My school allows me to explore different subsets within the whole of Communications, so because I am really interested in writing I can take classes in screenwriting and electronic media, such as blogs. I love that I am free to pursue my passions.

What would be your dream project? 

My dream project would be something that I created and get to stay with all the way through post-production. I would absolutely love to be able to create a new TV show or movie, write it, be involved in casting and then direct it, and help with editing. I go to school with a lot of really awesome creative people, so in addition to being able to bring my vision to life I would also like to be able to collaborate with many of the talented people around me.

What's it like going to school in nyc?

Going to school in New York definitely isn't the traditional college experience, it's so much more and I absolutely love it! I'm from a small town, so the city was a complete change of pace for me. However, the opportunities available for me here far surpass anything I would have experienced at home. When I first moved here, I was doing so much that I really wore myself out and I had to tell myself to slow down because I am going to be here the next four years. Living and going to school in New York City still feels like a dream.

Who’s a mentor in your head who inspires you (and why)?

I am very much inspired by writers and directors. There is a special place in my heart for women writer/directors. I would consider Lena Dunhum and Mindy Kaling my mentors. They inspire me so much. I love how they decided to create their own worlds and projects instead of waiting on someone else to do it for them. I love watching them on TV and keeping updated with other projects that they are working on. Also, I adored both of their books (I have a signed copy of Lena's book!)

what do you carry around daily that captures inspiring moments?

I  try to keep a notebook with me at all times and I have an obsession for cute stationary. I think I have more journals than thoughts in my head, but yet, I still feel compelled to buy one if I see it. New York itself is such an inspiring city. I am always stumbling upon something that sparks my imagination. I really enjoy walking around and exploring new places. Sometimes it just feels great to get lost, if only for a brief moment. 

What are you working on right now?

Right now I'm actually preparing for the New York Indian Film Festival. One of my professors curates films for the festival and invited me to come take part in it. I am excited to see behind-the-scenes and screen some really great films.

Where can people connect with you for future projects?

Definitely check out my blog: You can shoot me an email at or find me on Instagram @sapplelikesadventures.