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195 Plymouth St
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States


Snapchat: Romel Rodriguez

SNAPCHAT: romel rodriguez

Bronx Community College, Media & Digital Film Production

Romel Rodriguez is a student at Bronx Community College currently studying Media & Digital Film Production. Romel has also been our Fall intern here at the Center and has been responsible for all of the great photography for our seminars and On Locations. His sense of humor and proactiveness have made our productions easier and we can't wait to see what else he creates.

who is a mentor in your head?

Tai Lopez is the person who has really changed the way I pursue my goals in life. He’s big on YouTube and his commercial went viral. He’s in a garage with his Lamborghini. People get offended and call him names but the concepts I learned from him have completely changed my mindset, for the better. Generally, the response to his advice is “I know that already,” but another aspect he teaches is “Don’t be a knower be a doer!” So that’s what I am, a Doer. I learn then I do it. I learned how to write comedy for late night TV and I practice every day. I learned how to write scripts, so I write every day. I learned how to film, so I started filming. 

What would be a dream project? 

My dream is to have a feature film released across the nation. My goal is to make the " World Laugh.” That’s what I really want to do. I also like writing serious content, but comedy is my passion.

What makes you passionate about your major? 

Making my scripts come to life is my passion. For a long time I just kept writing script after script and all they did was sit on my computer. It was then I decided I needed to learn how to film. I needed to get up and make it happen. The Media & Digital Film program at Bronx Community college has given me the knowledge to be an asset to any production and place me at the helm of my own projects.

how did you develop an interest in film production?

A series of events sparked my interest in film. First, I was at home about six seasons into my favorite show “That 70’s Show” when I decided I wanted to act. I did a semester of improv and then I realized that the script is basically the foundation for everything else. So I taught myself how to write and I began writing every day. Then I wanted to bring my scripts to life so I went to college for filmmaking and I learned how to make films and videos. Finally, I got into photography because I took a class at Lehman and I find it to be a very useful for my skill-set.

I decided to start my YouTube channel because I want future employers to see what I can do. It’s a platform where I can display my creative abilities and my skills in digital film, editing and writing. I’m a huge fan of late night TV, especially Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. Having a digital portfolio will hopefully help shows consider hiring me as a writer alongside my paper portfolio. 

what internships have helped your career growth? 

Right now, I intern with Silver Cups Studio in the Lighting and Grip section. Its hard work, but it gives me hands-on experience with real equipment, stuff that weighs more than me. And, of course, my favorite internship of all with you guys, the Center for Communication. I literally love what we do here at the Center and I can’t stop promoting the events. It's literally direct contact with people you could work for in the future. The seminars and On Locations are like the gold pot at the end of a rainbow.

What's one thing about living and studying in NYC that you couldn't find anywhere else?

My program is small, but I've learned so much from my two years at BCC and I put all of it to good use. The networking opportunities, the collaborations — it’s something I’ve truly learned from interning here at the Center for Communication. You cannot find the same contacts anywhere else. I get to meet amazing people and stay in contact and collaborate. 

How do you capture inspiring ideas? 

The smartest thing any filmmaker, writer or entrepreneur can do is to have a notepad app on their phone. If you’re a screenwriter, download Celtx and when that idea pops up write everything and anything down.

What makes you so driven?

When family members tell me my career choice is just a dream and that it’s “not meant for latinos,” I say B.S. and I’ll leave it at that.

where are your favorite places to go in the city and meet people?

My favorite place to go is anywhere Cencom is holding an event. I probably sound like a fan boy by now, but its fine. I’m really glad I asked about interning with the Center.

Where can people connect with you for future projects? 

I love to collaborate with people and I strongly recommend for people to reach out via email at You can also subscribe to my channel on YouTube and send me a message. Or follow me on twitter at @Romelr1.