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195 Plymouth St
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Snapchat: Princess Manasseh

Snapchat: Princess Manasseh

University of Miami, JD/Journalism, Dual Degree Program

Princess Manasseh is a first year graduate student at the University of Miami. She blogs about pop culture and lifestyle issues while pursing joint degrees in law and journalism. She has traveled to over 15 countries, writing stories along the way. Born and raised in Los Angeles, you can now catch her running the streets of Miami.

What was your biggest takeaway as the entertainment journalist for the LA Sentinel? 

My biggest takeaway was that we as people are capable of so much more than give we give ourselves credit for. That was my first job in my field of study out of college.  It was my first time putting all the skills I'd learned to the test.  I remember thinking to myself after finishing the first video package I produced: "This is going up on Is it ok? Does anyone else need to check it over?" Then I began receiving feedback. From my editors, producers, and, most importantly, the viewers, through comments and letters. It was amazing. Realizing that I had what it took and learning to use all the feedback to improve. It was an awesome learning experience and through it I gained so much confidence. 

What would be your dream project? 

I have so many dreams! I want to do everything from host a talk show to moderate a political debate.  One dream project of mine would be to do a docu-miniseries about Central Avenue in Los Angeles in the 1940s, as part of a depiction of the history of Black Los Angeles. I would love to weave a fictional story about all of the historical facts of that era. 

What’s it like going from school in LA to school in Miami? 

Humid! Lol. The weather is definitely one of the biggest changes. Both cities have beautiful weather, but for three fourths of the year that beauty is manifested very differently. Growing up in LA, I was used to an arid climate, a very dry heat.  Miami has a tropical climate, which brings a serious humidity factor.  I had to develop a whole new skin and hair care regimen to work with all the moisture in the air. Not to mention I had to learn to dodge a tropical storm! Outside of that, Miami and LA are very similar. Both are metropolitan cities with people from all over the world. One difference though is the Central, South American, and Caribbean influences in Miami. People often joke that Miami isn't part of the U.S., but Latin America. It's been a lot of fun exploring the culture here. 

Who’s a mentor in your head who inspires you (and why)?

 I'm inspired by so many things and so many people. My Instagram feed is a steady stream of people who inspire me. From filmmaker Numa Perrier, to Project Tribe, to ballerina Misty Copeland and actress Tracee Ellis Ross. I love seeing posts from those who inspire me.  Lately, blogger Necole Kane of has been an inspiration to me. Necole travels the world interviewing entertainers. She's based in New York, a city I love and she moves about in the hollywood sphere. What's she's accomplishing as a blogger is inspiring! 

What do you carry around in your bag daily that you can’t part with?

My laptop is always the first thing I put in my bag, from taking class notes to covertly messaging friends, my laptop is essential. Next is my old coach wristlet, re-appropriated as a pencil case. Pencils, pens, highlighters, I like to be set. Earplugs courtesy of the library are a must, gotta block out the chit-chatters. After that I make sure I have my shades, the South Florida sun is briiight! And last and arguably most important: the lip of the day--today's was "Honey Love" MAC lippie, lined with "spice" and glossed with "florabundance”.

Where can people connect with you for future projects?

Follow me on Instagram for a glimpse into my life @instaglamprincess or drop me a line at