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195 Plymouth St
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States


Snapchat: Lauren Gary

Snapchat: lauren gary

The New School, Media Studies MA Program 

Lauren Gary is a graduate student in the Media Studies MA program at The New School. She spends a lot of time exploring the campus that is New York City. She's been a part of the pilot for a web series; a film; multiple photo shoots; and has done quite a few projects of her own with students at The New School. 

What makes you passionate about your major? 

My passion for my major is fueled by my passion for live performance. I’ve spent about half of my life performing in the entertainment industry and I obtained my BA in communications with a concentration in entertainment because of it. To further my education in entertainment and media I decided to enroll in the Media Studies MA program at The New School. Being able to tap into my performance background and the creative chops I've gained from it makes me even more passionate about learning how to expand that knowledge to produce content throughout multiple platforms here at school. 

What would be your dream project? 

I am a huge fan of home, food and educational television. HGTV, Food Network and National Geographic are channels I constantly have playing at home. My dream project would be to work on creating and managing content for one of my favorite shows on one of these networks.

What made you want to go to school in NYC?

Since I want to get into media and entertainment, and have already experienced life in Southern California, I wanted to gain experience in a new area. I figured I might as well understand how the industry works on both coasts before I decided which one I wanted to spend my future in. To be completely honest, I also wanted to know what it’d be like to live in a city where traffic doesn't dictate my day-to-day activities (although foot traffic and train delays can be just as bad). 

Who’s a mentor in your head who inspires you (and why)?

I’m inspired by one of my high school instructors, who then became one of my colleagues and is now my mentor. Her ability to combine her passion for performance and her professional life is something I aspire to achieve one day. She is a constant supporter of everything I work towards and it is such a fulfilling feeling to look in her eyes and see that I’ve made her proud. 

where are your favorite places to go and get inspired and meet new people?

I like to take advantage of being a student in NYC and using my ID to get into exclusive events such as the many the Center for Communication hosts year round! I also use it to go to wander around museums like the MOMA, where I was recently inspired by Loie Fuller’s Danse Serpentine (II) for a project I’ll be doing for my electronic media course.

What are three tools that you use regularly in your work?

Photoshop, Illustrator and most importantly, my Macbook Pro. I can’t possibly do half the work I’m assigned without my computer. I’m taking a lot of design and production courses this semester and I’m working on Photoshop or Illustrator daily. I even have a wireless mouse that increases my productivity and helps prevent some major hand cramps! 

what show, person or project out there right now is really an inspiration to you and why?

Emma Watson. She and I are around the same age and what she’s done in her life thus far is incredible. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and she is the only actress that I’ve literally seen grow up on screen into a smart, confident, talented and beautiful individual. I am inspired by her sophistication and she seems so genuine. Her ambition fuels my own.

Where can people connect with you for future projects?

Feel free to connect through email at