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Lehman College, Journalism, Public Relations

Alexandria Mandry is a second year student at Lehman College. She is passionate about starting a career in public relations and loves the fact that the industry gives her the option to dabble in all of her interests. Just as important, is her need to raise awareness for a cause; it could deal with children’s health or environmental awareness, but she is determined to make a difference.


Lehman College is a place where I am tested every day to see if I am serious about my future. You really have to be self-motivating to stay on track. Of course, my professors are great at teaching me the skills I need to succeed, but it can be easy to fall into lazy behavior. At my school, there is a large misconception about journalism — most of the students are convinced they’re going to be a talk show host once they graduate. As a result, I do have a hard time taking some of my classmates seriously. On the other hand, the campus on its own is breathtaking. There are enough flowers and trees to make you forget that you’re in the Bronx. As a swimmer and diver for the school, I spend a lot of time in our Olympic size pool. Joining the team is how I was able to meet so many students outside of my major. 

Your major is journalism, but you're passionate about PR. What made you realize that public relations was what you wanted to focus on? 

There was actually one very specific moment that made me realize I wanted to pursue Public Relations. During my senior year at Winter Park High School, Lauren Bradley, the Director of Public Affairs for Rollins College, came to my school to talk about her career. It was right after the college had installed a new security system because of a robbery on campus. I remember Bradley talking about the steps she took to flip the story in her favor. After hearing about her career, I was hooked. I knew I needed a job like hers. No matter where my future career leads me, I will always need the skills I am learning as a journalism major.

You attended an On Location with the Center last year at High 10 Media, how did that turn into an internship? 

During the meeting, Anne, the Sr. Account Executive, mentioned they were looking for interns, so before I left the office, I made sure to get her contact information. Almost immediately after leaving High 10’s office, I sent them a thank you email along with my résumé. The following week I had an interview with Anne, and the week after I was filling out the paperwork to receive school credit as the new intern at High 10 Media. 

What was your day-to-day experience working with High 10 Media?

Because High 10 Media has a variety of clients, every day was a learning experience. One day I could be contacting the press for potential media coverage and another day I could be maintaining our contact list for clients such as Smithsonian, Billboard, and The Hollywood Reporter. I always worked on multiple projects during the day and everyone made sure I was constantly stimulated with my work. 

What was your biggest takeaway from your internship with High 10? 

Going into the internship, I was not sure if Media Relations was going to be the right path for my career. After interning at High 10 not only do I have a grocery list of skills to add to my résumé, but I am 100% positive that I want to pursue Media Relations as a career. 

Where are your favorite places to find inspiration and meet new people?

When I am looking for inspiration, I turn to nature. I love hiking, cycling, and anything that involves being outdoors. I am naturally a friendly person, so I meet new people all the time. For me, every day is a good day to meet someone new.  

What are three tools that you use regularly in your work or that you do every day to stay up-to-date with your dream career? 

The New York Times, AdAge, and Adweek are critical news outlets I read to stay up-to-date with my career. 

What type of networking events do you attend?

I attend almost every type of networking event that comes my way. Recently, I have been participating in the fantastic meetings the Center has hosted. But, I also keep an eye out for events hosted by museums and other organizations. So far I have been to mixers, documentary viewing, panel discussions, and art exhibits. 

Where can people connect with you for future projects? 

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, @alex_mandry, and Twitter @Write_Mandry.