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Recap: Where the Jobs Are in Advertising + Marketing

Recap: Where the jobs are in Advertising and marketing


Advertisers are reaching millennials with dynamic content, mining the opportunities on a variety of platforms. Learn a At this seminar, audience members learned about the latest innovations and strategies being used to connect with new generations and what it takes to break into today's advertising world. Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of the Jun Group, Sandi Harari, EVP and Creative Director of BARKER and Monica Hare, VP of Global Client Services at Buzzfeed discussed the industry in a panel moderated by Lynn Branigan, President & CEO of She Runs It. 

Your Profile

So much of what happens in your career happens when you're not in the room. When you think about the importance of your résumé, your cover letter, your LinkedIn profile, the interactions you have on an interview, your thank you notes, the way you network — all of those things influence what people are saying about you before someone says "You're hired."


Storytelling Through Data

Now more than ever before, data and data science and the analysis of data —essentially storytelling through data is a fundamental part of our world now. The ability to have a creative mind and creative problem-solving skills coupled with the ability to analyze and synthesize and understand data and put those two skill sets together creates a really unique opportunity for job candidates.


Intern vs. Entry-Level

What are the differences that companies look for when they're hiring an intern versus a full-time entry-level candidate? Is there a difference in interview style? Is it a myth that intern interviews are easier?


Framing Accomplishments

It's all about framing. The way you present your life experiences, school projects, personal hobbies or charity work on your résumé is very meaningful EVEN IF you don't have any "traditional" internships listed. Your life experiences are quantifiable and it's important to know how to frame these accomplishments in a way that accurately tells your story. Adam Cohen-Aslatei, Senior Director of Marketing at Jun Group explains.


Define Cultural Fit

What makes someone a goof cultural fit? How do companies define whether someone is a good cultural fit? is it a matter of your skill set or a matter of fitting in with the team in general?

Quick tip: You should always ask " Tell me what your culture is like? What kind of person works here?" Remember, you're interviewing a company as much as they're interviewing you.