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Recap: Where the Jobs Are

recap: where the jobs are


We partnered with Made in NY and Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts for another great discussion with BuzzFeed, Mic, The Muse, Refinery29, and TBWA about how to work with their companies, the best way to grab their attention, and knowing what your "wow" factor is.  Check out clips from the panel below!

Internships, Internships, Internships

How important are internships? Katie Hopkins, Technical Recruiter at Mic and Lauren Newton, Recruiter for Refinery29 both agree that the more internships you have the better. If you can snag an internship every summer that's even better. And don't worry about being at a popular company, it's more important to gain the experience and actually work on successful projects versus being at a "name brand company."


Cover Letter: Yes or No

Are cover letters still relevant? How do you create an eye-catching résumé? Katie Hopkins from Mic, Dan Geiger from BuzzFeed, Lauren Newton from Refinery29, and Doug Melville from TBWA give advice on how going with a formal résumé is not always the best choice in a time where everything is so informal. Here's their advice on how to be more fun and memorable in your cover letters and résumé's. (Hint: Know the tone of the environment of the company you're applying to)


LinkedIn: A Must Have

You must have a quality LinkedIn page. It makes a huge difference. Put the time and effort into creating a page that really reflects your accomplishments and goals. Doug Melville, Chief Diversity Officer at TBWA, explains why everyone should have a LinkedIn page and the importance of persistence.


Interview Do's & Dont's

Recruiters from Mic and BuzzFeed talk about the important Do's and Dont's that applicants should remember during the interview process. Don't address your cover letter to the wrong person. Do arrive 15 minutes early. Some cliché's are true — first impressions go a long way.



Yes, No, Wow

What is your "wow" factor? In choosing the final candidate for a position, there are many people who are Yes's, but it's important for candidates to display their "wow" factor. It's important to be able to tell your story succinctly and know what points to hit that really make you standout from other candidates.


Don't Rush Your Career

At a junior level you should understand that there's always something to learn in a position. Lauren Newton, Recruiter at BuzzFeed says that she sees a lot of junior professionals who want to come in, in a more senior position, but she cautions that it's important not to rush your career and find value in learning all of the facets of your current position.


Cultural Fit

Cultural fit can mean anything from caring about the work you're doing, never being stagnant and always learning to being adaptable ... recruiters from Mic, TBWA, Refinery29, and BuzzFeed describe the cultures at their companies and what they look for in new hires.


Your Reputation Online

85% of every decision that directly affects your career you’e not in the room to have a say, so people look at your emails, the handshake, twitter. Google yourself. Know your brand. Know what people are seeing and really make sure that you get your reputation right online.


Applying Too Many Times

When a candidate applies for a position over and over or applies to 5 or 6 different positions across one company that’s an immediate red flag for hiring managers. It tells recruiters that you’re not sure what you want to do and they’re looking for candidates who know why they’ll do well in a specific position.


Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire Me

When recruiters are looking for creative applications there is a fine line between presenting who you really are and being creative versus doing something you think is “cutesy” but not reflective of who you are. BuzzFeed recruiter, Dan Geiger, explains the difference.


How To Say No

Self-care is very important to not getting burned out. As much as you have to learn to say yes as a new employee in the workforce, you also have to learn to say no. Many times, that line comes when the quality of your work is suffering. If you’re taking on too much that you can’t do your very best, it’s important to talk to your manager and knowing the right time to approach your manager in a professional way. 


Do Your Research

How do you get through the interview process when you're called back for a potential job opportunity? Lauren Newton, Recruiter for Refinery29 says the most important thing is to a deep dive into a lot of research on the company. Know more than general knowledge and really gain a broad and nuanced understanding of the company. Show that you truly know who they are and what they do and that will go a long way into moving you forward to the next interview.


The Final Candidate

What makes recruiters pick one candidate over the other? There are so many variables that go into the final decision, but recruiters from BuzzFeed, Refinery29, and Mic all agree that tiny factors throughout the interview process are all taken into consideration. At the same time, it's important to not take the outcome personal.