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Recap: The Faces Behind Podcasting

recap: the faces behind podcasting


We partnered with Made in NY and The School of Media Studies at The New School for a great panel discussion on the growing business of podcasting. We heard from Aisha Harris, Culture Writer, Editor, and Host of the Represent podcast on Slate; Brittany Luse, Producer and Host of the Sampler podcast on Gimlet Media; Paula Szuchman, Vice President, On-Demand Content at WNYC & WNYC Studios; and our Moderator was Lisa Tobin, Executive Audio Producer for The New York Times.  Check out clips from the panel below!

developing a podcast

What do producers look for in new podcasts? Women voices, diverse voices, new formats, new types of sounds, new subject matters — people who have very distinct voices. People who are on the cuff and helping them gain bigger audiences. It’s not an A,B,C,D formula, but it’s important to find voices that are new and different. Paula Szuchman, Vice President of On-Demand Content at WNYC explains.


formulating the right question

How do you ask the right questions to get a good interview/conversation? Do your research. Read past interviews of guests; see if they’ve written anything online; do a pre-interview; ask uncomfortable questions and follow your own general interests — that curiosity moves the conversation forward. Aisha Harris, Host of the Slate podcast Represent; Paula Szuchman, Vice President of On-Demand Content at WNYC; and Lisa Tobin, Director of Audio at the New York Times, all weigh in.


Talk, Record, Publish?

Some podcasts can take weeks or months of work to create ONE show, while others conversational podcasts have shorter turnaround times. Lisa Tobin, Director of Audio for The New York Times, asks panelists what exactly goes into the making of different podcasts? Host Aisha Harris of Slate’s Represent podcast explains.


podcast stereotypes

There’s a concern that podcasts are dominated by white men, but WNYC is working on bringing more gender parity to the microphone — more women and and more diverse voices.



Finding A Hole in the Market

Host Aisha Harris talks about how her podcast Represent came to life on Slate and her how her first guest was Robert Townsend.


What is Sampler?

Sampler is a podcast about podcasts. It gives you a deep dive into the world of podcasts. There’s so much to listen to and it’s so hard to discover new shows and Sampler is a great curator. Host Brittany Luse from Gimlet media describes the show.


Conversational Podcasts

There’s this idea that for conversational podcasts you go into the studio press record and then publish immediately after. The best sounding highly conversational shows don’t sound produced, but these are generally the most produced shows. Lisa Tobin, Director of Audio at the New York Times, describes the hours and hours of work that goes into these type of shows.