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Recap: Social Media Superstars

recap: social media superstars


We partnered with Bric Arts Media for a great panel discussion on the new trend in marketing and advertising: social media influencers. Social influencers are more than their follower count. Creators. Artists. Filmmakers. Photographers. Entrepreneurs. They have spent years cultivating organic audiences, starting in college dorms and childhood bedrooms often with no more than a basic webcam. With the rise of "influence marketing" there's a trend for major media companies to seek out social media influencers to grow their brands. Check out clips from the panel below!

Finding Your Brand as an Influencer

Folasade Adeoso is graphic designer, creative, model and influencer who started @LoveFola. She shares her career trajectory from working at Starbucks full-time to now working as an influencer full-time and partnering with brands as she follows her passion. 


Partnering with Brands

Being specific and having a really clear niche is an important part of being an influencer. Yena Kim co-founder of @Mensweardog, the most stylish dog in the world, talks about partnering with brands. She notes that the good thing about having a dog as the face of your brand is that dogs work in every demographic. Women love him. Men love him. There’s no age group that hates dogs. She was able to carve a niche with a dog that dresses really well and its both aspirational and inspirational. 


Being A Social Media Coordinator

A lot of trial and error goes into being a social media coordinator. Bea Iturregui, Senior Director of Partnerships at Cycle shares how she started as a social media coordinator and how it’s important to not be afraid to make mistakes. Make it your own. As a consumer what do you want to see from this brand? What do you want them talking about? Jeffrey Thacker, VP of Digital Content at Emmis Communications recommends creating a solid social media strategy where you identify a voice and see what resonates with your audience.


Work Life Balance

How do you find that work-life-balance, whether you’re running your own platforms or managing for other people what is the point that you draw the line? Jeffrey Thacker, VP of Digital Content, Emmis Communications; Folasade Adeoso, Founder, @LoveFola; Bea Iturregui, Senior Director of Partnerships, Cycle; and Yena Kim, co-founder, @mensweardog, talk about how they manage not constantly being on their phone, checking Instagram and how to enjoy real life.



Challenges as an Influencer

Yena Kim, co-founder of @Mensweardog and Folasade Adeoso founder of @lovefola discuss the day-to-day challenges of being an influencer and creating your brand while also working with brands and staying true to your vision. As an influencer, you have to do all of the work yourself with no large teams behind you. Here’s how they do it.


Thumb Stopping

Thumb stopping is an industry joke that refers to creating something for social media that someone will stop (thumb) scrolling for and stop and take a look at. Bea Iturregui, Senior Director of Partnerships at Cycle, shares why influencers should make something that people want to see and feels compelling, authentic, and very relevant. Will people spend their 10 seconds or 2 minutes watching?


How to Work with Influencers & Brands

How do you convince influencers to do something for a brand partner? Bea Iturregui, Senior Director of Partnerships at Cycle shares how it can be a little tricky sometimes because you want to make sure that you’re meeting the brands needs while also making sure that the influencers voice is coming through. You’re hiring an influencer not for their reach or social channel but for the aesthetic and the brand that they’ve built. Bea explains how Cycle stays respectful of that and incorporates a happy marriage between the brand and the influencer.


DIY Influencers

Yena Kim, co-founder of @Mensweardog and Folasade Adeoso founder of @lovefola discuss posting, styling, taking photos, building brand partnerships by themselves. They have no team behind them and everything behind their individual brands, is done DIY. 


Pushing Creative Boundaries

It’s little tricky being the liaison between the brand and the influencer. You definitely have to push a little bit on both sides while knowing your limits. You have to make sure the client is happy while making sure the influencers are excited — so sometimes you have to encourage your brands to take a risk. You have to know when to push those creative boundaries and as social media continues to evolve we’re getting a little more leeway with brands. You want to pitch a really creative concept that they can’t say no to.


Pairing Influencers with Brands

Bea Iturregui, Senior Director of Partnerships at Cycle, shares 3 things that her agency looks for when they’re pairing influencers with brands: Reach, Relevance, & Resonance. Do people trust this influencer? Are they going to make a genuine impact? Do they appeal to the audience you’re trying to reach?