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Recap: The New News Economy

recap: The NEw news Economy

The best minds in journalism discussed the challenges reporters face in the age of Trump. Attendees learned how both digital and traditional news organizations are adjusting their budgets to cover this new administration, and find out what skills and knowledge America's major newsrooms are looking for when recruiting new talent. Kyle Pope, the Editor in Chief and Publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review moderated a forum with Mic's Executive News Director, Kerry Lauerman, Sarah Bartlett, Dean of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and VICE News Tonight Correspondent Roberto Ferdman.

Everybody Needs A Superpower

Journalism students and new graduates should cultivate a superpower. That superpower could either be a subject matter (business, health, international relations) or be a superpower in data journalism or storytelling for the web or motion graphics. The point is, you can't be generic.

Nurture very specific skill sets because you're competing with more people wanting to be in the field of journalism than are jobs in the field. What is your superpower?


Catch 22: Need Experience to Get Experience

At our New News Economy panel, in partnership with Made in NY, Kyle Pope, Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Journalism Review, questions how new graduates in today's news environment get opportunities to learn the art of reporting and gain experience. With many of the smaller weeklies and newspapers gone, how do young professionals navigate this new environment?

Roberto Ferdman, Correspondent at VICE news, dissects his career path from Quartz to the Washington Post to VICE. If you can take that experience and then start managing acts on your own — even better.