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Recap: New Frontiers in Publishing

recap: New Frontiers in publishing


Publishers are using new technologies and platforms to create, promote, and distribute dynamic content. Attendees heard from the pros at Twitter and Google on how storytelling is changing in the modern world. We partnered with the Mayor's office of Media and Entertainment and NYU Steinhardt, Department of Media, Culture and Communication as Brendan Cahill, VP Corporate Projects at Penguin Random House moderated a discussion with Andrew Fitzgerald, Director, Curation at Twitter and Valerie Streit, Publisher & Community Outreach Lead, Accelerated Mobile Pages at Google News. 

The Future of media

Access to data is the future of media. Whether or not you have control of and/or access to data determines whether or not you are successful as a media brand or as a media creator. Making media in today's world is not just about telling awesome stories and finding a great audience — it's also paying really close attention to the numbers and learning what the numbers are telling you.


A way of telling stories

If you are a creative person who cares deeply about media and loves telling stories and isn't afraid to experiment and fail a couple of times and learn a bunch of stuff and iterate rapidly — there cannot be a more exciting time to be in media. Andrew Fitzgerald, Director, Curation, at Twitter explains more.


Important Trends

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least and 10 being the most, how important would certain trends be to media in the next 5 years and why? Andrew Fitzgerald, Director, Curation, Twitter; Valerie Streit, Publisher Community & Outreach Lead Google News; and Brendan Cahill, VP, Corporate Projects, Penguin Random House explain what they think are the important trends in media today.


Artificial intelligence

We are the beginning stages of AI and machine learning helping us to build better models of personalization and distribution for media companies and media creators.


Monetization models

Where is the right audience and where is the right business model. These are the two things that should be your focus when you're looking to monetize. Whether you're focused on reach or revenue, finding that right combination is key.


Does traditional media still exist?

Is there still a place for "traditional" media? The fundamentals that you've learned on how to tell stories that used to be specific to a particular medium — the question now becomes, how do we use those skills in lots of different places? What does that look like.