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Recap: Mr. Robot

RECAP: mr. robot

a conversation with rami malek and sam esmail

Rami Malek and Sam Esmail dazzled our student audience with honest and direct advice as they described how they broke into the entertainment industry and how Mr. Robot was created. The conversation began with Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail declaring that he's always been a nerd, he grew up a nerd, and was a very tech-obsessed kid. Having a lot of friends who were coders and hackers gave him a distinct view into the coder subculture that always fascinated him. Rami was very influenced by classical plays he performed in high school and undergrad, particularly plays by Arthur Miller and Robert Shankin.

Sam cautioned the audience to not have a "plan B" career. This year both Rami and Sam paid off their student loans, which earned them immediate applause. "If you're interested in entertainment this is basically do or die. And, yes, it's scary." Bottomline, "The thing about this industry is that it's a lot of trial and error. It's a lot of failing. There's a lot of failing and you just have to get all of the trying out of the way. And, remember, that you have to be honest with yourself in the whole process."

A big thank you to our hosting partner, St. Francis College, which allowed for great questions and one-on-one time with the speakers after the panel ended. If you missed the discussion, fear not. Check out the short clip above and watch the full video on our Vimeo page. Join the conversation on Twitter, #c4c_mrrobot.