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Recap: Media Literacy

recap: Media literacy

Media thought-leaders and front-line journalists examined lessons learned from the 2016 White House run, the prominence of fake news, the status of investigative reporting, and how to know what to believe. Andrew Kaczynski, Senior Editor on KFILE on CNN, Upworthy Co-founder Eli Pariser, and Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director of the National Association for Media Literacy talked about these issues and more at the NYU Steinhardt, Department of Media, Culture and Communication. Brian Stelter, CNN Senior Media Correspondent and host of Reliable Sources, moderated the discussion. 

Media Giants and Media Literacy

What kind of responsibility do media giants like Facebook hold in the era of fake news? Learn about the challenges these organizations face when trying to promote media literacy.


The Scope of Modern Media Literacy

Media literacy applies to all forms of media. From political news media to sitcoms, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin says media literacy is "a nonpartisan, educational" way to understand the modern media landscape that surrounds us.


Questions to Ask When Creating and Consuming Media

In the age of digital media as children are getting their hands on electronic, media-bearing devices as toddlers, it is important to to teach them about media consumption and production. Media literacy is rooted in inquiry, and all media consumers should actively ask questions about the implications of the content they consume.


Post-Election Shifting Methods in Media

An audience member inquires about the evolving nature of media coverage of politics during and after the election. CNN's Andrew Kaczynski and Upworthy's Eli Pariser discuss the psychology of interpreting truth within the news.


How to Cultivate Spaces for Hard Conversations

Affirmation goes a long way. Upworthy Co-founder Eli Pariser touches on the importance of cultivating atmospheres of collective identity when having conversations about divisive topics like politics.


The Many Motives of Media

Today, massive amounts of media are being produced, and content is as accessible as ever. Co-founder of Upworthy Eli Pariser goes into the necessity (and difficulty) of treating media like a "trial," and attempting to investigate the motives behind the things we consume.