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Recap: Creating Gotham

recap: creating gotham


Fox’s Batman prequel series uses the backdrop of New York to re-create the timeless noir look of the comic books and feature films that have shaped our image of Bruce Wayne’s hometown.  Each scene is set in an old and new New York-like world—a metropolis at once familiar yet also distinctly its own place. We partnered with Made in NY and SVA Theatre for a screening of an advanced episode in the third season and a Q&A with actor Ben McKenzie who stars as Detective James Gordon on the show and writer and executive producer Ken WoodruffCheck out clips from the panel below!

Being Typecast

Being typecast is essentially the first step to breaking into the industry. If you're being typecast that's good — that means you're actually working. After that, you can work towards diversifying your work. Follow your passion, but listen to feedback. Actor Ben Mckenzie of Gotham advises students on what to focus on when you're first starting out as an actor.


Working with Different Directors

Working on network TV means working with a different director for each episode. Ben McKenzie aka Detective James Gordon talks about the importance of being prepared for each episode especially before it's time to shoot each scene.


Writers On Set

Ken Woodruff, Executive Producer and writer for Gotham, describes what writers do when they're on set. Listen in as he talks about making sure that the tone of the script and the story is being told properly in each scene.


Your Own Critic

Ben McKenzie currently stars as Detective James Gordon on Gotham. When asked about dealing with criticism he remarked that you have to be your own worse critic because Hollywood can be a "yes to death" culture. 



How to Differentiate Yourself

How do shows differentiate themselves from other shows that are similar? Ben McKenzie and Ken Woodruff talk about the ways in which Gotham stands apart from the field and how they work to create a unique show on Fox.


Teach Yourself

Teaching yourself is a crucial part of "making it." As a writer you to prepare yourself: read a LOT of scripts, deconstruct scripts, write ALL of the time and basically work as hard as you can. Ken Woodruff, writer for Gotham explains.


The First Cut

A student asks how writers feel a bout seeing their work on screen for the first time. Ken Woodruff, writer and executive producer on Gotham describes seeing his episodes on screen and dealing with your first reaction, which generally is "this is terrible."