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Recap: Bobs Burgers

recap: Bob's Burgers

FOX's hugely successful animated series, Bob's Burgers, follows the daily life of a working class man, Bob, and his ever-quirky family who together run the restaurant Bob's Burgers. Though the business is struggling, Bob believes in the quality of his burgers and semi-quality of his burger puns. He is supported and, at times, thwarted by his loving family.

Post episode screening, the audience heard from Emmy Award-nominated actor John Roberts, who provides the voice of Bob's musical and eternally optimistic wife, Linda. He talked about breaking into comedy; gaining attention on YouTube with his viral hits, "The Christmas Tree," and "Jackie and Debra," and how he co-wrote a script and took it from pitch to pilot. Presented at the SVA theater, the event was moderated by Nicole Galovski, the Creative Producer of Fictionless. 

Linda song

If you're a fan of Bob's Burgers, hear from actor John Roberts, who provides the voice of Bob's eternally optimistic wife Linda, and how he finds inspiration for all of the songs that Linda is known for singing. FYI: The Bob's Burger album comes out later this year. 


The Importance of Stand-up

Actor John Roberts discusses the importance of doing stand-up in his career. On a panel discussing his beloved character Linda from Bob's Burgers, Roberts notes that if you're a comedian or even a writer, just trying out your material in front of an audience and getting feedback is beyond helpful. You can imagine it in your head, but until you get in front of an audience you don't really know how your material will land.



Personal Relationships

Actor John Roberts talks about how all of his opportunities came from personal relationships. Be aggressive, but don't be annoying. It's important to develop really good relationships and try not to put all of your eggs in one basket. And make sure you have an example of your work, stay engaged, and take it one day at a time.


Pitch process

A student audience member asks actor John Roberts, the voice of Linda from Bob's Burgers, about the pitch process. What happens when you pitch a personal project and the feedback you get is for something completely different?



Memorable characters

What's the secret to making memorable characters? Actor John Roberts who voices Linda on Bob's Burgers shares his perspective. Hint: Catch yourself in vulnerable moments and acknowledge them.


Stay inspired

If your career goals fall into the entertainment business, how do you stay focused and not give up? Actor John Roberts, the voice of Linda from Bob's Burgers, advises that having fun is important to staying the course in show business. Don't compare and despair. Be honest with yourself and your work and have a plan. It's important to stay inspired in order to keep moving forward.