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Last Hurrah For First TV Everywhere President

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Last Hurrah For First TV Everywhere President

Originally posted at MediaPost

by J. Max Robins

If there was any doubt that Barack Obama is the first TV Everywhere president, his valedictorian State of the Union address laid that idea to rest. From promoting the speech with language more akin to a big-event TV premiere everywhere from Facebook to Snapchat to CNN, to streaming the speech for the first time via Amazon Prime, this was POTUS at his multiplatform best.

White House marketeers pulled out all the stops, as CNN “Reliable Sources” anchor Brian Stelter noted, “pulling on every possible lever to promote” the final State of the Union Address. From multiple tweets to videos on YouTube, the buildup was designed to lend the speech a kind of prime-time “cliffhanger” level of buzz.

The blueprint included letting the “Today” show “take over the White House” the day of the address to pull back the curtain on the West Wing drama. Likewise, “artsy” black-and-white video trailers of Obama prepping his speech were uploaded everywhere as part of the State of the Union campaign. Post-speech, Obama and the White House pitchfolk kept the digital drumbeat going, including the president doing interviews with prominent YouTubers that smacked more of a guy on the stump than one with a mere 12 months remaining in office.

Then again, the president had a message to deliver: With unemployment slashed and gas prices almost cut by half and the economy seeing its best growth since the 1990s, he had successfully led the country through troubled waters. Obama was using all the legacy and new-media tools at his disposal to counter the fear of terrorism and the xenophobia exploited by his opponents across the aisle in the 24/7 multiplatform news ecosystem.

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