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For Fox News, It's All Kicking And Streaming

Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

For Fox News, It's All Kicking And Streaming

Originally posted at MediaPost

by J. Max Robins

I’m not sure how this crazy primary season has been for the nation, but it’s been a marketing boon for news networks. Specifically, it has allowed them to burnish their brands and suddenly declare — a la Mike Bloomberg — that they are in the TV Everywhere business.

That starts with Fox News Channel, which, in terms of ratings and the elevation of its premier talent Megyn Kelly, has been the single biggest beneficiary of the “Trumpizing” of the White House race. Nothing screams that more than The Donald’s game of chicken with FNC over whether he will boycott the January 28 Iowa GOP smackdown because of Kelly being back in the inquisitor role.

What’s lost amid the taunts between Fox News supremo Roger Ailes and The Donald is that FNC is taking full digital marketing value out of hosting the debate, for the first time streaming the elephantine smackdown to all who care to tune in — no cable or satellite subscription required. All anyone needs is an Internet connection. The Fox News Go app will also have the debates, as well as terrestrial radio on Fox News Radio.

In other words, even a Fox News that skews heavily to the Modern Maturity set wants to entice the cord-cutters and cable-nevers to its “fair and balanced” world view. The powers that be at Ailes’ news machine know that even for its loyalists and the rest of us political junkies, we want our news and info wherever we want it, whether that’s the flat-screen in the living room or on an iPhone while stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. FNC has been pulling unheard-of-before numbers for the GOP slugfests, so why not add to those gargantuan millions by drawing in the over-the-top TV crowd?

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